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For community groups, The Life Game Project:

  • Provides and supports a set of 4 free computers so that a Community can offer supervised Internet access to beneficial games experiences for their people.
  • Seeks engaging concepts with educational merit that can foster positive outcomes for ommunities as candidates for developing as LGP games.

Our LGP Community people facilitate the engagement of interested and qualified Communities with the LGP. As a starting point, we need to understand more about your Community and you need to know more about us. This happens over a number of conversations when we listen to understand more about the Community you represent, your needs, and your aspirations to meet these needs. During this conversation you also gain a better understanding about LGP, our goals and the people involved in the LGP.

When we understand more about each we can make an informed call about the fit between your community goals and our LGP purpose of providing beneficial games experiences to people in communities.

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