Serious Games




2k40Click here to play 

The year is 2040. A mission to Mars is being planned. You are one of the finalists for the mission. You must demonstrate your worthiness by holding out as long as possible in a survival station submerged in the Saint Lawrence River. Your energy reserve dwindles with every passing minute. Will you be able to think and act quickly enough to be in the top 10?

Tags:  Science, learn, think, act, control, knowledge, nutrition

        3rd World Farmer

3rd world farmerClick here to play  

 “3rd World Farmer is a new kind of game. An experiment in the genre of Serious Games, it simulates some of the real-world mechanisms that cause and sustain poverty in 3rd World countries.

In the game, the player gets to manage an African farm and is soon confronted with the difficult choices that poverty and conflict can cause.

Tags: civics, culture, global issues, human rights, politics, conflict, poverty




AdmongoClick here to play 

This games a good way to introduce children to the real world of marketing as so many people are fooled into spending their money on items that just aren’t what they seem.  Admongo is a campaign by the Federal Trade Commission to “educate tweens (kids ages 8 to 12) about advertising so they can become more discerning consumers of information.”

Tags: marketing, advertising, consumer awareness


              Ars Regendi

Ars Regendi1Click here to play 

Ars Regendi is a browser-based political game that lets you take the reigns of your own, realistically simulated states. You will be asked to weigh in on various matters of state and – faced with a number of choices – any decision you make will have ramifications for the well-being of your virtual populace! You will be able to form alliances with other countries, initiate reforms and adjust the budget. Ars Regendi is a highly realistic and complex economic simulation that squares you off against other state leaders and puts your political and financial abilities to the test. But beware – running a country is not as easy as you might think and if you don’t measure-up, you could find yourself out-of-office pretty soon!

Tags: politics, form alliances, leadership, complex economic simulation



              Build a Lot 2

Build-a-lot-2Click here to play 

Develop your own real estate empire! The Town of the Year competition is in full swing and eight exciting locations are in the running. Use your resources to construct homes, parks, shops and more! Apply a coat of paint, landscape the yards, and upgrade your properties to add appeal and maximize your profits.

Tags: Builder, real estate, build-a-lot, town

Cooking Academy 2: World Cuisine

cookingacademy2Click here to play 

Welcome to the World Culinary Workshop, where you’ll learn the art of international cuisine from master chefs from around the globe. From Mexican tamales to Chinese dim sum, you’ll create famous dishes from every corner of the planet, learn interesting trivia tidbits and master new skills.

Tags: learn, cook, dishes, time management, speed




         Dental Surgery

dental surgeryClick here to play 

While playing baseball, James was hit in the mouth by a ball, that chipped of a large piece of his tooth. Unfortunately, dental crown isn’t an option. Instead, remaining tooth will need to be extracted and an artificial tooth implanted. In this game you are in a role of the dentist who need to perform this complicated dental procedure. 

Tags: tooth, extract, implant, focus





electrocityClick here to play  

ElectroCity is an online computer game that lets players manage their own virtual towns and cities. It’s great fun to play and also teaches players all about energy, sustainability and environmental management in New Zealand.

Tags: manage  a town, electricity awareness, sustainability, NZ made





enercities2010Click here to play

Are you able to build a sustainable city? Choose your power sources and invest in innovations. Balance your economy, environment and well-being, and create a metropolis that can stand the test of time!

Tags: sustainability, monitor resources, spend wisely



            Evony®: Age II                     

Evony1Click here to play

An empire building game played by 18 Million Players in over 167 countries. It’s an extremely fun game. Build your town, form alliances, dominate your neighbours. To thrive in this game you need to learn about alliances, teamwork, group leadership, how to optimally build your town and making strategic choices.





           Game House

Game-HouseClick here to play 

Manage your employees to meet daily targets. Remember: a good worker is a happy worker!

Tags: manage, employees, office

       Good Game Big Farm

GoodGameBigFarmClick here to play 

Combine business instincts and farming fun when you rebuild you uncle George’s farm.

Tags: farm, strategy, fun



            Heart Surgery

heart surgeryClick here to play   

Follow the nurse’s instructions to operate on Joe’s weak heart in this intense surgery game. Be careful: precision is a must! Keep an eye on Joe’s vital signs.

Tags: focus, surgery, heart, intense





        Gamestar Mechanic
Click here to play 

Players get a chance to win enough power to design and create their own video games by solving a set of puzzles. One question asks users to determine how two players arrive at a given point at the same time using physics concepts.

Tags:  game design, puzzle, physics




         Merchant Banker 

Merchant-Banker_1Click here to play  

Merchant Banker is a management based online game in which the player has to use his skills and abilities to earn enough cash to be able to retire at the age of 30. Start using the limited cash and start the buying and selling of goods to keep getting rich. All the best! Be quick and effective because the years keep passing very fast.

Tags: earn cash, set a goal, management




moblabClick here to play 

MobLab is a new way of teaching abstract concepts in economics, political science, business, psychology and more. You can either sign up as an instructor or as a student.

Tag: learn, teach, social science, virtual lab




       MySustHouse Games

sust20gameClick here to play  

There are two games here. The first lets you explore ways to create a more sustainable environment. The second challenges you to build a sustainable house. This site also has an introduction to sustainability.

tags: sustainability, environment, construct, progress




papas-cupcakeriaClick here to play 

Cook a ridiculous amount of delicious cupcakes for all your wacky customers in Papa’s Cupcakeria!

Tags: cupcake, bake, focus, addicting
             Persuasive Games                      

Click here to play  

Persuasive Games has a diverse portfolio of successful video games. These games are designed for advertisers, public policy makers, corporate trainers, educators, news organizations—as well as ordinary people.

Tags:  fun, educational, health, strategy, economy, arcade                         



              Service Star  

ServiceStarClick here to play  

Service Star provides tips and advice to improve your retail skills and maybe train your for a job and gives players a real-life experience of working in a retail environment and explains retail theory. Players experience challenges involved such as deliveries, upsells to customers and how to handle angry customers.





simCEOClick here to play 

“Mind Your Own Business” within your own Class Economy Online!  Adjust your business plan and investment strategy as news is shared. See if you have what it takes to create a business that will end with the highest share price. See if you are wise enough to manage your $10,000 portfolio more effectively than everyone else.

Tags: create, research, trade, economy, business

            Stop Disasters

stopdisastersClick here to play  

Learn more about preventing disasters. Each scenario takes between 10 and 20 minutes to play, depending on the disaster you are trying to prevent and your skill level. There are five scenarios to play, and each can be played on easy, medium or hard difficulty levels.

Tags:  Be cognisant, learn to prevent disasters  

         Student Survivor

studentsurvivor (1)Click here to play 

Create a student and help him graduate from Surviville University by keeping him on top of his health, social life, studies, and finances. Have him explore the town to attend lectures, get a job, and check the notice board for tasks to do. To control the student, type  simple commands like “eat,” “study,” sleep,” “shower,” “watch TV,” “go to university,” etc.

Tags: school, student, explore, survive, fun


taxodusClick here to play  

Taxodus is a serious, web-based game on tax avoidance. Escape taxes for multinationals and contribute your fiscal route to the Taxodus database.

Tags: tax treaties, tax rates, offshore assets

            Theme Hotel

theme-hotelClick here to play 

Build and manage your very own hotel. Keep guests happy and try to remain profitable as you strive to achieve a 5-star rating.

Tags: Build, design, manage, building

    The Sports Network 2

thesportsnetwork2Click here to play  

The sports media company TSN-2 is losing its teen audience! As Managing Director, you have to find the best way to get them back—and fast.

Tags: strategy, skill, job




vitronomicsClick here to play   

Best business simulation for managers, businessmen, universities, MBA. Advanced tycoon platform for education and training. The game purpose — to create a profitable and effective business. The player receives starting capital and can develop the virtual company according to his/her own unique scenario.

Tags: business, management, strategy, training




worldcraftClick here to play 

Try to survive in three different words without food, fresh water and a house! Do everything with your own hands – like in any other Minecraft version. You have nothing at the very beginning, but if you will be clever enough, you’ll have everything soon – thus don’t be afraid of adventures!

Tags: survive, adventure, challenging, engaging

Ultimate Football Management 12-13

Ultimate Football Management 13-14Click to play  

Back for the new season, pick a team and fight for the end of season honours. Will you be playing for the title or battling relegation?

Tags: management, play, team, coach, rules