Health Games



              Blood Typing

Blood_Typing_Game click here to play  

Learn to understand the different types of blood and how they can and cannot work together. Find the right blood for your patient.

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        Escape from Diab                  

escape from diabClick here to play  

Escape From Diab is a serious video game adventure in healthy eating and exercise. This sci-fi action and adventure video game should help prevent kids from becoming obese and developing diabetes and other related illnesses.

Tags: diabetes, candies, healthy eating, adventure, action                    




gluciwebClick here to play 

Delivers information and education for type 1 diabetic patients about flexible insulin therapy, including several free online serious games.

Tags: learn, diabetes, type 1, insulin

           Guts and Bolts

gutsandboltsClick here to play  

Learn about the interplay of human body systems as you help Moby construct a cyborg Tim!

Tags: human body, systems, fluids




Healthy Foods for Diabetes: A Memory Game

Foods for DiabetesClick here to play  

Match the Diabetes-Friendly Foods Test your memory while learning about the most nutritious foods for a diabetes diet. 

Tags: diabetes, food, heath, match



    Immune System Defender

Immune System DefenderClick here to play  

Your skin has been breached! Fight off invading bacteria by commanding teams of specialized cells before infection sets in.

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nanoswarmClick here to play  

Based on a computer game adventure of healthy eating and exercise, Nanoswarm is set inside a high-tech laboratory where 4 teenagers and the player pilot a microscopic craft inside a human body to defeat a virulent plague of nanobots.

Tags:  science, adventure, action, diabetes, healthy eating




          The Diabetic Dog

diabetic-dog-gameClick here to play  

Can you care for a dog with diabetes? Keep your dog’s blood sugar at healthy levels, and you’ll earn money to spend on doggie treats!

Tags: diabetes, cure, dogs, health, care