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Earn Achievements, Points and Prizes in the LGP Game


Here’s how to play the Life Game Project Game:

How to win at the Life Game Project Game.You earn points when you:

  • Submit a positive game to our games gallery.   50 points each time.
  • Review a game in our gallery, adding links to related educational or life skills information.   20 points each time.
  • Attend a real-world LGP event. 10 points each time.
  • Introduce a friend to the LGP.   5 points each time.
  • Introduce a community group who could use games250 points.
  • Introduce a sponsor. 250 points.
  • Publicise the LGP through the media or by speaking at an event. 100 points.

There’s a range of Achievements to unlock, including some with bonus points and special surprises.