Adventure Games


     CSI: Web Adventures 

CSIClick here to play   

The web adventures are designed to teach students the process of forensic investigation and problem solving. There are three cases or levels to the CSI web adventures. Unlike a lot of educational games, the CSI Web Adventures are created with the highest quality graphics and navigational features.

Tags: adventure, problem-solving, forensic investigation


     How Smart Are You?

How Smart R UClick here to play 

How Smart Are You? is a puzzle adventure game that’s harder than getting a popcorn kernel out of your teeth. So here’s the deal, Poindexter: If you beat this game no sweat, you need to get to work on the Kernal Extractor 2000. Use your brain to benefit society! And gumlines!

Tags: IQ test, fun, civilisation 


Max Strong Private Investigator 

max298X215Click here to play  

Help Private Investigator Max recover a priceless painting that was stolen from the museum in this point and click adventure.



          StoneAge Sam

stoneage-samClick here to play 

Get prehistoric and use your smarts to help Sam accomplish his tasks during the tough Stone Age. It’s all the point-and-click adventure you need!

Tags:  survive, rescue, family, adventure



         StoneAge Sam 2

stoneage-sam2 Click here to play  

Sam is back in another prehistoric point-and-click adventure. This time you must help him and his family through the ever-present dangers of the Ice Age.

Tags:  survive, rescue, family, adventure


              Uphill Rush 6

uphill rush 6Click here to play  

This intense game water-slide adventure racing game is full pack of adventures and fun! Perform cool stunts and fancy flips while racing against both an opponent and the clock. Ride a motorcycle, bicycle, horse, or jet skis through the maps obstacle courses to the finish line.

 Tags:  adventure, vehicles, race, fun