The Life Game Project (LGP) harnesses the power of immersive games technology to develop life skills and positive lifestyle choices.

We work with community groups, educationalists, IT folk, developers and a range of make-it-happen people to put video games in the hands of people who would not otherwise have access to a positive games experience. We do this by providing refurbished computers to under-served communities so people can play games in a supervised and supportive environment. We also encourage the development of video games with content that addresses local needs.

We love to hear from community groups and NGOs who would like to partner with us to bring games to their people or develop a game that tackles local issues.

We’ve made it fun and easy to contribute to the Life Game Project – we’ve made being a member into a game!  To play the Life Game Project Game, just register on this site and regularly visit the LGP Game page to earn points.  You can gain points by recommending positive games, helping a community group, raising sponsorship and lots more.  We also have group meetings in Auckland every few months.

If you just want to stay in touch, then sign-up so you can receive news updates and emails.

Game On!